Policy of Acceptable Use for
Kropf.Org personal email addresses

(This document is subject to change without notice.)
(Last modified April 16, 2004)

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For those granted a personal email address @Kropf.org,
please be familiar with and respect the following:

Brett Kropf, Pres. of Kropf Computer Services, Inc., provides this feature solely at his discretion.

There are two options for handling your @Kropf.org email:

  1. The first option is where we place your mail into a mailbox on our servers and you configure your mail reader software to "POP" your mail onto your own PC. Since we store your mail until you pick it up, and we must be notified whenever you wish to change your password. This requires more setup and service on our server, therefore we request a yearly minimum $24 (US Dollar) donation for this first option. Unless you have made special arrangements, you will NOT configure your POP client to "Leave messages on the server".
  2. The second option takes advantage of the fact that you have many options for Internet access and even countless ways to send and receive email. Whether you use a simple I.S.P. provided email account, or a convenient web based email account such as on Netscape.net, we invisibly forward your @Kropf.org mail immediately to your preferred email account. While we also ask for a donation for this option, we let you choose an amount that you believe to be fair.

If you need to change your personal local email account, just notify us so that we can simply change the forwarding destination your mail is sent to. Those sending you email at your @Kropf.org address are not even aware of your change because they still send their mail to the same @Kropf.org address.

Our servers attempt to forward your email immediately, however, if your own email account will not immediately accept your email from our server, our server will continue trying to deliver it at least once every hour for up to five days.

While you acknowledge that your email may be viewed and is being filtered by MIMEDefang software as it passes through our system, your emails are not intentionally retained after delivery. When your email is delivered to your ISP hosted account, or you retrieve them via a POP client, the email no longer exists on our systems unless it was part of a rotating backup or was quarantined by MIMEDefang.

We do however, log all email through our servers, so regardless of whether we host the mail box or not, we have a basic two line record of each message mailed to your @Kropf.org addresses containing both the recipient and the sender, with date stamp and size. We also log all POP client access.

We do maintain a constantly changing list of senders of UCE/SPAM, and we reject all the incoming email from known SPAMmers as we possibly can. The filter criteria for MIMEDefang is also updated nearly every day.

Every email that is rejected due to UCE/spam filtering includes a link to a web page where the sender can communicate directly with an administrator in case the block should be re-examined.

Any use of a @Kropf.org address for the sending of Unsolicited Commercial Email (U.C.E. or "spam"), or for receiving responses from UCE/spam broadcast emails will NOT be tolerated, and such use will be cause for immediate deactivation!

I encourage you to browse my "Protect private email addresses" page at http://Kropf.net/protect.html for valuable hints regarding email, including broadcasting, hoaxes, and chain letters. http://Kropf.net/etiquette.html is designed to help your legitimate email be more effective.

While I will attempt to communicate directly via email with any one that apparently causes any abuse of my system(s), I must reserve the right to deactivate addresses that are being abused after sending a single final email giving the reason for such deactivation.

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