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Nathaniel WHITING

[217] [218]

ABT 1609 - 15 Nov 1682

Family 1 : Hannah DWIGHT
  1.  Nathaniel WHITING
  2.  John WHITING
  3.  John WHITING
  4. +Samuel WHITING
  5.  Hannah WHITING
  6.  Timothy WHITING
  7.  Mary WHITING
  8.  Mary WHITING
  9.  Sarah WHITING
  10.  Abigail WHITING
  11.  John WHITING
  12.  Jonathan WHITING
  13.  Judah (or Judith) WHITING
  14.  Anna WHITING

   |  |   __
   |  |__|__
|  |      __
|  |   __|__
|  |__|
|     |   __
|     |__|__
|--Nathaniel WHITING 
|         __
|      __|__
|   __|
|  |  |   __
|  |  |__|__
   |      __
   |   __|__
      |   __


[217] The Postscript states: "Thus we learn from his own testimony that
Nathaniel Whiting was born about the year 1609, instead of 1617. He was
therefore about 29 years of age when he came to this country, 34 when
married, 63 or 64 when his 14th and youngest child was born, 73 or 74 at
death, and about 16 yrs older than his wife."

In the book _Whiting Memoirs_ "Memoir of Rev. Samuel Whiting, D.D., and of
his wife, Elizabeth St. John" by William Whiting, 1873 2nd edition, with
Notes and Corrections. 200 copies printed - not published. Entered,
according to Act of Congress, in the year 1871, By William Whiting, In the
Office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington. Pg. 282 states: DEDHAM
FAMILY OF WHITING. For genealogical notices of Nathaniel Whiting of
Dedham, who married Hannah Dwight, Nov. 4, 1643, and of their descendants,
see Savage's Genealog. Dictionary, vol. iv., p. 519. (The date of their
marriage is given in the town records as Nov. 4, not March 4, as the
Dictionary gives it.) From this family are descended William Whiting,
Esq., of Walnut Park, Boston Highlands, notary public, late cashier of one
of the Roxbury banks, and treasurer of the Savings Bank. He has held
several offices of responsibility under the old town of Roxbury, and has
always been held in high esteem. On town voting-lists, his name is
entered as William Whiting first, while that of William Whiting,
counsellor-at-law, a descendant of Rev. Samuel Whiting of Lynn, and
several years younger, is entered as William Whiting second. Among the
descendants of Nathaniel Whiting, above named, may be mentioned Nathaneil
Whting, Esq., of Watertown, MA., an honorable and wealthy merchant, who
had spent much of his time in former years in England, and had long
indulged in antiquarian researches, and especially in genealogical
investigations. "Nathanial Whiting should be remembered, not only as a man
of purity and integrity, and an honorable and successful merchant of the
elder generation, but as one of the chief benefactors of Boston, and as a
man whose breadth of view, energy and perseverance have seldom been
equalled. Boston is especially indebted to him for the levelling of Fort
Hill, and laying it out for business purposes; for the establishment of
the manufacturers' exchange; the general betterment law, and its
incidental improvements. Fort Hill, which had once been the stylish
quarter for residence, had on the change of fashion, from its location and
formation, become a vast nuisance in the heart of the city, and a block to
its business and improvement. But the number of owners was so great and
the interest so conflicting, that the ablest men had again and again tried
in vain to contrive some scheme for its improvement. He saw that all such
plans as had been tried were, in the nature of things, futile and
impracticable. He showed, too, of what incalculable benefit the work
would be to the metropolis; and, accordingly, he procured and established
first an act for the improvement of Oliver and Hamilton Streets, and then
another for the reduction and improvement of the whole territory from Milk
round by Broad Street to Federal Street, embracing many acres, and carried
it through, in the face of such obstacles at the State House and City Hall
and in the courts, as well as outside, as few men would have dared to
encounter, and fewer yet would have overcome.

[218] [SOURCE] Whiting Genealogy. NATHANIEL WHITING of Dedham, Mass., 1641, and Five
Generations of His Descendants.
Compiled by Theodore S. Lazell, A. B.,
Member of the New England Historic-Genealogical Society, and the Society
of Mayflower Descendants in the Common-wealth of Massachusetts.
Boston, Mass. 1902


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