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Helen Wescott NOYES

29 Aug 1877 - 22 Apr 1975

Father: Edward J. NOYES
Mother: Jennie BAKER

                                                                                 _Samuel NOYES ______+
                                                 _Samuel NOYES _________________|_Rebecca WHEELER ___
                    _Joseph Little NOYES _______|
                   |                            |                                _Joseph LITTLE _____+
                   |                            |_Hannah LITTLE ________________|_Mary JOHNSON ______
 _Edward J. NOYES _|
|                  |                                                             _Nathan KIMBALL ____+
|                  |                             _Stephen KIMBALL ______________|_Mary POORE ________
|                  |_Abigail Haseltine KIMBALL _|
|                                               |                                _James HASELTINE ___+
|                                               |_Elizabeth (Betsey) HASELTINE _|_Abigail MOOERS ____
|--Helen Wescott NOYES 
|                                                                                _Christopher BAKER _
|                                                _Christopher BAKER ____________|____________________
|                   _Christopher BAKER _________|
|                  |                            |                                _ BERRY ____________
|                  |                            |_Racheal BERRY ________________|_Margaret BALDWIN __
|_Jennie BAKER ____|
                   |                                                             ____________________
                   |                             _______________________________|____________________
                   |_Leah WISE _________________|
                                                |                                ____________________


(On page 240 of the papers Brett received:)

 September 1, 1952.

 This Genealogy was compiled by Helen Wescott Noyes over a period of many years.
 Beginning with papers obtained after the death of her Aunt, Hannah Noyes Wescott in 1900 and continued at odd times to this date.

 It was compiled to show the growth of one line of one of the original New England families of the Massachusetts Bay Colony.

 A study of the towns will show that most of the marriages took place within a radius of thirty to forty miles.
 A few went as far as Boston.  There was no inter-marriage with the Pilgrims of the Plymouth Colony.

 The men were farmers, merchants, ship-builders, and ships-masters.

 Loyal citizens, building this country to its tremendous prosperity by hard work.

 They became "Freeman" in the church and then became officers in the town affairs.
 They served in the courts, the Grand Court and on the Jury; as Representatives to the Conventions.
 They joined the Militia, the Training Bands; and helped maintain local "Garrison Houses".
 They bought much land and built nice homes, many still in existence.

 The records are from the emigrant in this Noyes Line -- Nicholas Noyes.
 It gives his wife Mary Cutting, also an emigrant and a list of their children, with the next ancestor of this line stared -- *.
 And so on through the Grandfathers and Grandmothers of each generation, with all their children where possible,
 back to the emigrant of each marriage.  References have been given where possible.

 As in all Genealogies mistakes will be found.

 This line gives admittance to the D.A.R., S.A.R., Foundation and Patriots Society, Colonial Wars;
 Ancient and Honorable Artillery; Colonial Dames.


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